PPA Energy is a leading energy and management consultant. Our head office is in the UK, and we have a subsidiary in South Africa.

Specialised Courses: PPA Energy provides specialist, high value training to clients in emerging markets, including many current and past clients in Africa. We offer a suite of courses tailored for senior electricity utility staff, with a particular focus on system operations, market operations and related technical specialist issues, as well as expertise in commercial subjects such as regulation and power purchase agreements.

Experienced Coaches: All our coaches have extensive experience undertaking training for electricity utilities, excellent commercial knowledge and relevant, internationally-recognised qualifications.


MJMEnergy Limited is UK-based and offers highly professional consultancy and training services to the energy industry worldwide.

Specialised Courses: With a specific focus on commercial, technical and regulatory aspects of the world's gas markets, our expertise has accumulated from years of practical involvement. We provide relevant, interactive energy market training in all subjects at all learning levels.

Expert coaches: Each member of our team fulfills a valuable role in the conceptualisation, and communication of our services to the energy industry. With a wide knowledge of energy markets throughout the world based on experience they are able to deliver high quality courses to a range of delegates.

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